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Where did you hear, read or find out about Rhondda Heritage Park? Word of mouth. Visit RCT Website. Visit Wales Website. Other website, please specify:. Magazine - Around Town. Magazine - Coach Touring. Magazine - Coach Tours UK. Visit Rhondda Cynon Taf Guide. Wales Millennium Centre Theatre Programme. Screen - Cardiff Bay Beach. Mobile Van Screen Bridgend.

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Mobile Van Screen Cardiff. Mobile Van Screen Merthyr Tydfil. Registration details for Cochrane protocols will be automatically entered. If extracted data will be stored and made available through a repository such as the Systematic Review Data Repository SRDR , details and a link should be included here.

If none, leave blank. Give the citation and link for the published protocol, if there is one. This may be to an external site such as a journal or organisational website. Alternatively an unpublished protocol may be deposited with CRD in pdf format. A link to this will be automatically added. The effectiveness of M-health technologies for improving health and health services: a systematic review protocol.

BMC Research Notes , doi Give brief details of plans for communicating essential messages from the review to the appropriate audiences. Any knowledge transfer or implementation activities beyond publication of the final report that are planned should be included. Furthermore, should the findings of the review warrant a change in practice, a one page summary report will be prepared and sent to lead clinicians and healthcare professionals in the National Health Service.

Give words or phrases that best describe the review. Keywords will help users find the review in the Register the words do not appear in the public record but are included in searches. Be as specific and precise as possible. Avoid acronyms and abbreviations unless these are in wide use. The addition of keywords is particularly important for non-effectiveness reviews. These records are likely to contain fewer relevant terms in other fields such as comparators and outcomes.

The Welsh Mining Experience

Give details of earlier versions of the systematic review if an update of an existing review is being registered, including full bibliographic reference if possible. A systematic review of the routine monitoring of growth in children of primary school age to identify growth-related conditions. Health Technol Assess. Provide any other information the review team feel is relevant to the registration of the review.

The Welsh Mining Experience

This field should be left empty until details of the completed review are available OR you have a link to a preprint. Give the full citation for the preprint or final report or publication of the systematic review, including the URL where available. This field may also be used to record the availability of an un-published final report, summary results etc.

Risk of spontaneous miscarriage in euthyroid women with thyroid autoimmunity undergoing IVF: a meta-analysis. Eur J Endocrinol. Epub Dec 2. Give the working title of the review. This must be in English. The title should have the interventions or exposures being reviewed and the associated health or social problems.

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Example: Efficacy of ischemic postconditioning against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in animal models, a systematic review and meta-analysis. For the purposes of PROSPERO, the date of commencement for the systematic review can be defined as any point after completion of a protocol, but before formal screening of the identified studies against the eligibility criteria begins. A protocol can be deemed complete when it is approved by a funder or the person commissioning the review, when peer review is complete, when the protocol is published, or when the authors decide that it is complete and they do not anticipate any major revisions to the design of the systematic review.

When this date is reached, the named contact will receive an automated email to ask them to provide an update on progress. The named contact will be displayed in the public record. Any unique identification numbers assigned to the review by the individuals or bodies listed should be included. Give the name, affiliation and role of any individuals or organisations who are working on the review but who are not listed as review team members. Give details of the question to be addressed by the review, clearly and precisely. This should be clearly and precisely defined, but may be specific or broad.

Further guidance is available in e. Give details of the sources to be searched, and any restrictions e. The full search strategy is not required, but may be supplied as a link or attachment. List all sources that will be used to identify studies for the review. Sources include but are not limited to bibliographic databases, reference lists of eligible studies and review articles, key journals, trials registers, conference proceedings, internet resources and contact with experts and manufacturers.

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No publication date or language restrictions will be applied. We will screen the reference lists of included studies for additional eligible studies not retrieved by our search. The searches will be re-run just before the final analyses to retrieve the most recent studies eligible for inclusion.

Give summary criteria for the animals being studied by the review, e. Please include details of both inclusion and exclusion criteria. Example: Inclusion criteria: all animal models with experimental cancer in which metastasis can develop all species, all sexes. Exclusion criteria: animals with co-morbidities; ex vivo, in vitro and in silico models; experimental cancer without metastasis.

Give full and clear descriptions of the nature of the interventions or the exposures to be reviewed e. For reviews of pre-clinical animal studies, the intervention would be e. For reviews of animal exposure studies, e.

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For reviews aiming to provide an overview of animal models for a certain health problem or disease, this would be the intervention s used to induce the disease model e. See also Field 30 for additional information on review types. All timings, frequencies and dosages of treatment are eligible for inclusion. Exclusion criteria: treatment with analgesics not registered for use in clinical practice. Where relevant, give details of the type s of control interventions against which the experimental condition s will be compared e.

Indicate which of these control conditions are eligible for inclusion. Exclusion criteria: all other control conditions e. Exclusion criteria: case studies, cross-over studies, studies without a separate control group. Give details of any other inclusion and exclusion criteria e.

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Exclusion criteria: none. Give details of the outcome measures to be considered for inclusion in the review. Exclusion criteria: no relevant outcomes reported e.

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This question does not apply to systematic reviews of animal studies for human health submissions.