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Wales followed suit, while Scotland had already introduced the scheme in Scottish Government, ; Welsh Government, Amika continues to campaign to end period poverty globally and to reduce the stigma around periods with the hashtag FreePeriodsStories. There are hundreds more young people like Amika in the UK.

Sisters Amy and Ella Meek, now 16 and 14, are the founders of Kids Against Plastic, a campaign against single-use plastic. Fahma Mohamed was only 14 when she started a campaign to end FGM. She was later praised by UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon and in , aged 19, awarded a doctorate by Bristol University for her campaigning work.

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The time has never been more right for this. The RSPH runs a Young Health Champions scheme for people aged between 14 and 24, in schools, colleges and young offender institutes, where they can gain a qualification in public health by choosing an issue to highlight and raise awareness about. Young Health Champions who stand out include Joseph Roberts from Wigan, who chose to make a deeply moving film about the death of his sister Jemma-Louise, who died at just The constant pressure of social media has also been flagged as a concern in work by the RSPH.

The charity YoungMinds is also encouraging young people to become involved in campaigns, with benefits to young people themselves and to the weight of the message conveyed. Campaigning with the support of charities is one thing, especially when it directly helps the wellbeing of young people, but youth activism also raises a few questions. First of all, why are young people having to act on public health issues? Research carried out by the London School of Economics LSE among the political campaign group Momentum in showed young people in the organisation were extremely savvy users of social media Banaji and Mejias, Climate change campaigning is essentially about fairness and justice — the younger generation see it as an issue that is going to affect them far more than it will older people.

As public health practitioners we also have a duty to advocate, agitate and ensure issues such as climate change, clean air, FGM and period poverty are firmly on political agendas, if we are truly working to prevent, promote and protect the health and wellbeing of children and young people. The mental health epidemic is a nationwide struggle.

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I believe that in the battle against this epidemic YoungMinds is leading the charge and creating a better world for young people all across the UK. Politics decide what services will open and close. Everyone should have a voice in that, including young people. And that has involved campaigning by individuals, including young people. Greta Thunberg has endured abuse from climate change deniers and personal remarks about her autism.

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Ellen Jones also faced negativity as a young campaigner. She also explains how she has struggled to clearly convey her message when interacting with media and that her bluntness and refusal to pander or make the issues palatable has resulted in her being literally and figuratively shouted down. Dave highlights that it can be difficult for young people who speak out about issues, particularly mental health.

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But are there concerns about how campaigning, particularly solo like Ellen and Greta, may impact on young people? Is it too much responsibility for young shoulders to bear and how can health professionals help? Psychologist Linda Blair believes youth activism is to be applauded. However, she thinks support is needed too. Adults, including health professionals, have a responsibility to guide and support them through education such as digital literacy, bullying and also to help implement strategies to prevent and respond should this happen.

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She also says politics is a must in public health for it to remain high on the agenda. Support seems the way forward. She still sees the positives, with the right support and guidance. Through being actively involved, they can feel part of a community and begin to form their identity, which gives a sense of empowerment. Silent attendants: terracotta statues and death rituals in Canosa Book Chapter. Telling stories: exploring the relationship between myths and ecological wisdom Journal Article. Oracular consultation, fate and the concept of the individual Book Chapter. Oracles and oracle-sellers: an ancient market in futures Journal Article.

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The aesthetics of story-telling as a technology of the plausible Journal Article. Administrator e-mail: digital-library-support nottingham. Apache License Version 2. CC BY 3. About OAI. Networks and narratives: a model for ancient Greek religion? Eidinow, Esther.

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