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Sat, Jun 26, Fleetwood Bac. Share Fleetwood Bac with your friends. Save Fleetwood Bac to your collection. Fri, Dec 11, The Last Dance. Share The Last Dance with your friends. Save The Last Dance to your collection. Fri, Dec 18, Fri, Mar 19, UB40 Bonus Arena, Hull. Fri, Apr 2, Sun, Jan 31, Warm Digits Afternoon Matinee Show. Sat, Oct 9, Tue, Oct 19, Here I worked alongside people from the Caribbean and got to understand how hard these people worked, thereby getting away from the myth I grew up with, that these people were lazy and scrounging of the Welfare State.

During this period I also experienced depression and started taking tranquillisers, which later led on to a dependence on anti-depressants and seeing psychiatrists on a regular basis. This later led to a breakdown and hospitalisation. Through this I learnt what it was like to be prejudiced against and stigmatised. Her parents had come to London from Montserrat and Jamaica. She was the first of their four children. She began her career as a sales clerk in , first selling bathrooms in the City of London and then with Dudley Stationers now defunct in Bow.

By March , Thomas Ritchie had secured the support of the Scottish Council for Civil Liberties for the concept of a union of mental patients. Wilson Solicitor. The Journal was started two weeks after The Herald published an article on Moreover we have had no General meeting yet.

He was not sure on this till he consulted experts. Journal page eight SUMP membership records page one below were kept at the back of the journal. Who better to advise how to make the struggle for sanity easier than the people who have been through the experience of modern madness and survived it? It became the Westfield Association. Friday 6.

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Refusing treatment, cruelty to patients, clothes grants, fighting against being discriminated against in jobs Alice ill treated by nurses Alan Hartman elected chairman.. Psychiatric wings in both the German and Hackney Hospital are affected. The MPU aims to bring about a better deal for patients in mental hospitals, and improved status. Mr Andrew Roberts, of the Hackney branch, claims that several patients in Hackney Hospital psychiatric wing had spoken of better treatment by staff since the branch was recognised on July Andrew Voyce "Paranoid schizophrenia since - freed from asylum life by Mrs Thatcher's community care - MA in social and public policy - cartoon slide show artist".

See 6. The reply was dated I was just getting my breath back, patient;y waiting requested explanation from D. The Neurological Unit at Southampton later commented "This poor girl will never achieve an independent life". Neuropsychiatry News, January She became a campaigner for disability rights and later for mental health rights.

Dunffermline Seniors, the first of the Express Groups Fife started. It drew on his Winterton interviews and led to schizophrenia and human value in The conference was disrupted by conflicts between radical and other feminists. Helen Shoenberg was the only patient participating.

Mary Nettle married in I ended up in St Bernard's , a horrible Victorian asylum for three months. I had become a user of the mental health system and been given the label of manic depression. This had, as you can imagine, a profound effect on my life and of those close to me.

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Treatment was totally drug oriented". Ken Lumb and Anne Plumb married in Anne describes to as "Ken Lumb's early years of activism" marked by long drawn out campaigns that did not achieve the main objectives, or only on a small scale, but which "engendered a solidarity and an agenda that did not go away". These included campaigns against the withdrawl of the invalid tricycle, ill thought out pedestriastion schemes, buiding of Young Disabled Units, action for adapted housing and integrated care support, accessible environments and public transport "and so on".

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It's Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday, 6. In Ireland who we are and what we are doing shows up in far starker contrast". Duplicated at Centerprise. It grew out of discussions at Centerprise about how to cope with customers with mental health problems. For the ex-Hackney MPU members who ran it, it grew out of a desire to create a dialogue between people of divergent views.

The principle was that people could talk without agreeing and without compromising the purity of their respective principles. Psychiatrists, for example, could debate with anti-psychiatrists, and mental patients talk to mental health workers, on equal terms. Did you know any of the people involved in the Manchester MPU?

Unfortunately, by the time I got the confidence to contact them the groups was folding. Hartley, 1 Pool End Cl. Telephone ". From May , the mental patients' movement in the United Kingdom developed in a radically different political climate. This was not only due to the change of government, but also to new attitudes to mental patients amongst local authorities, voluntary groups and others attempting to defend alternative political views or threatened services. The patient as consumer who should be listened to took a decade to enter government policy Griffiths Report In the meantime, our language had changed.

We were no longer mental patients uniting , but survivors or users engaged in a diversity of speaking out - advocacy and user involvement. Half way through the decade, mental health users began to think about being empowered. People First , the movement of people with a learning difficulty, developed a strong autonomous existence in the United Kingdom see and and the survivors' movement, unlike mental patients union see MPU Declaration and Mind Out 2 , developed separately.

Attention to mental distress in old age involved an alliance of patients, carers and professionals. November - 42nd Street founded in Manchester. A community mental health project for young people aged between years, living in Manchester.

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Alistair Cox established 42nd Street and directed it for over 20 years. In , 42nd Street published Reflected images Self portraits of distress : "eleven people describe their experiences of stress and their search for understanding and support - 42nd Street, a Youth Development Trust project", Manchester: Youth Development Trust. By it was funded by the Urban Aid Programme.

Published Principles into Practice. A developmental study of a community health service. Aileen McDermott Tried, with limited success, to make its management structure accessible to young people in the belief that consumers of a service, should, if they wish to, participate in the decision making process. Helen Spandler was based there as a research worker from August to August The report on her research Who's Hurting Who? Young people, self-harm and suicide was published in Leicester: Youth Work Press.

Published in association with 42nd Street. Manchester: 42nd Street. Its website says: provides support service to young people experiencing stress and mental health problems. I might have found booklets in both places. The Importance of Being Frank. I seem to recall that David Lynes was the 'boss' at North West Fellowship and was a very energetic figure.

I think there was considerable competition between the Fellowship, based in Warrington, and North West Mind , based in Preston. I went to a meeting of the Oldham group of the NSF. It was difficult to sit through, as it was a carer support group. People present spent the evening comparing notes on the difficulties caused them by their relatives with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I do not think they considered that the new member might have a diagnosis of his own. Eventually Mind and the Fellowship did find a way to collaborate and then formed a quite considerable alliance.

She had "spent months in solitary confinement and on the psychiatric wing" because of her "demands for Black reading material and for respect and recognition of her Blcak culture and religion" Hackney Peoples Press March The picture is by Abena. The article reviews three "recent cases" that "provide distressing evidence" that Rastafarian religious beliefs were being dianosed as schizophrenia. The other two being Steven Thompson and Richard Campbell. International Year for Disabled People "The United Nations International Year of Disabled People in gave the opportunity for disabled people to find the funding to set up groups and organisations of disabled people.

The decade saw the rise of the campaign for Anti-Discrimination legislation, the call for buildings and the environment to be made more accessible to disabled people, and also disabled people supporting other campaigns against oppression. She met with key disabled people across Greater Manchester and was able to introduce them to each other, so that they could share their ideas. Wouter van de Graaf, Jet Ibiza and Jet Vesseur met at the end of the s, when they were active in the crazies movement.

January Last number of Gekkenkrant. Gek'ooit was the successor to Gekkenkrant. Gek'ooit appears to be a play on words: Gek ooit is crazy ever. Gek kooi is a crazy cage, and the magazine was also known as caged. See Netherlands Also see interview with Wouter van de Graaf , who illustrated it.

Wouter van de Graaf: See World Congress Richard Campbell's death was the first death of a black mental patient. Both were in Sometime in , a triumphant Barbara Taylor collapsed in exhaustion after attending the oral examination for her thesis The feminist theory and practice of the Owenite socialist movement in Britain, She entered a course of psychoanalysis that lasted twent-two years.

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I had been in analysis for a couple of months, talking about it incessantly. Patients prepared criticism of the parts of new Mental Health Bill that seemed to undermine voluntary treatment and Mind 's financial crisis saw the closure of Mind Out and the end of MIND Information Bulletin in the form we knew it. Judi then went on to Iceland.

Judi Chamberlin: Oh, it was just something that kind of grew. I got invited to And I got invited to a professional meeting in England.