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She gained a lot of confidence from it. When the scholarships started coming in, she saw what a load it was off of us. I always felt like money for tuition would have come from there. When Alyssa turned 21, we went on a vacation to Las Vegas. Learn how to do Las Vegas on a budget so you can reward yourself after all those scholarships you get. Photo cred: Public Domain Pictures.

Get in touch with your emotions to achieve your financial goals

What are some common concerns you see from students and parents in regards to how to apply for scholarships? Scholarship committees want to make sure you have exhausted every avenue you have. What are your top tips for how to apply for scholarships? Write out all of your extracurricular activities.

Keep a folder safe with all of your past ACT scores. Scholarship applications frequently request this information.

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Locate your high school transcript or college transcript. Most schools allow requests for multiple copies of your transcript, just be aware that some schools charge for additional transcript copies. Gather your certifications or ID cards and make copies of everything.

What is the best way to learn how to apply for scholarships? First, create a list of potential scholarships with associated deadlines. It gets easier to crank them out once you get organized. Eventually, you can get to a point where you can take one essay and tweak it to fit several applications. What are your favorite resources you use to find new scholarships? Kickapoo exit? In fact there is one called For the Love of Chocolate.

Find ones that are under publicized. Tell everyone that you are looking for scholarships. Most likely, they all have heard of ones. Another hard part is following up. Scholarship money might not go through because they are waiting on a piece of information from you.

If You Want to Be Happy…

Do you have any parting words of wisdom? Be persistent. Stick with it. They also typically have a really nice letter with it telling you how wonderful you are and that is a great ego booster. Promote yourself. Ready to learn even more on how to apply for scholarships? Let us know in the comments what action steps you have taken to cover tuition and how many scholarships you have been awarded.

We believe in you, so go! Take action! I took an afternoon and went down to the local library.

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They have a few scholarship books that have upwards of 8, scholarships in them. Out of 8, scholarships, I only found 50 that she could apply for. I found a scholarship every single time, even if it was something different than what I thought I might find.

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The scholarship money covered her tuition, room and board. I looked at my spiral notebook with all of my scholarship notes. I organized the essays, list of scholarships, deadlines, etc. Soon after, I was getting requests from friends and family to help them and their son or daughter learn how to apply for scholarships.

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We create scholarship kits that help students learn how to find scholarships that are perfect for them and keep their applications organized with easy-to-follow instructions. I really like helping students graduate with no debt. What were you able to do because tuition was paid for? First, tell everyone you know.

Live a Better Life in Just One, Really Hard Step

Almost everyone knows of a scholarship. When I first decided to tackle my finances, taking action was a way of regaining a sense of control. Having enough money in the bank buys options, which is liberating, but it also makes me feel secure. Financial planning for setbacks, such as losing my job, or unexpected bills, helps me feel less worried and anxious. We might plan for financial setbacks, but what about setbacks we create ourselves, ones far less obvious than losing our jobs?

What we think is behind how we feel, which in turn affects how motivated we are to act. Taking action is what is going to improve our finances so, as unrelated as it may seem, it makes good financial sense to pay attention to how we feel, and to the thoughts lurking in the background. Having the right attitude is a large part of taking control of your finances. Thinking, feeling and doing are linked in a continuous cycle.

What we think determines how we feel, which determines what we do, which then affects how we think. And so on, in a never-ending circle. Apparently we have over 50, thoughts each day mostly subconscious, automatic thoughts, but really, that many?! So what are some of these negative emotions? This is a weird one, because it can both drive us forward, or it can hold us back.

Fear was what motivated me to do something about my retirement savings, nearly 2 years ago, which in turn led me to set up this blog. I could have read any number of articles about the importance of saving for retirement, or listened to any number of people telling me I needed to do something, but none would have had the impact of that moment when I checked my pension statement and knew I needed to do something.

The reason I suddenly knew I needed to do something, and did, was because I felt the fear that pushed me to take action.

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When we talk about push and pull factors that make us do something, this was an almighty push! However, fear can also prevent us from taking action, and it can make us feel miserable, most worryingly without you even recognising what it is you fear. Today, I do. This is a big achievement, and I should be proud, and pleased. I am both of those things.

Yet do I feel happy, and excited? Well, yes, some of the time. But what is my over-riding thought currently? I read a lot about setting up a new business before launching my own. Yet, reading and speaking is no substitute for doing. I compare myself to others and find myself not quite good enough. Somehow the business failing, and me failing, have become intertwined in my mind without me even being aware of it.

Obvious you might say.